El Oasis Urbano de la Habana

Project date: 2018/19

Location: Havana, Cuba

This projects proposes a new building typology which condenses the existing urban programs of Havana to encourage new scenarios of interaction between diverging communities.


Nowadays Cuba is going through a substantially challenging period due to US restating the commerce embargo. Facing this situation, the local government is continuously making an effort to improve its economy through tourism industry. However, this economic policy, in cities like Havana, is only favouring tourist experience of the city and not to locals’ reality, generating a growing gap between the two communities.


After an extensive research on the local life styles and the city’s programmatic configuration, this proposal aims to exploit the concept of bigness to bridge the gap between the two communities. This is achieved by condensing the existing urban programs - both the ones by one and the other parties - into one whole spatial experience. 


The juxtaposition of the different programs contained within the building will allow the generation of moments of friction between the users and spark new scenarios of social interaction.


As a result, the building not only acts as an intermediary between the city and the sea, but most importantly, brings together people from different communities, with different backgrounds and gives them the opportunity to meet and interact.