The Intangible Home

Project date: 2017/18

Location: London, UK

Nowadays we often tend to leave behind our Home, eradicating ourselves from a familiar environment enabling us to live free from any sort of spatial fixity which would otherwise prevent us from moving around. Fixed possessions and property rental are some of the main causes which restrict and limit us from living a more dynamic and versatile way of living.

This project aims to develop a new temporary housing solution which facilitates the accomplishment of our daily activities by enabling us to move freely across the city without any restriction or drawback.

EasyLiving® introduces a new type of dwelling which main objective is to provide enough space in order to pursue everyday activities in the city's most active areas without having to pay sky-high prices. Aiming to satisfy both biological and psychological needs while simultaneously facilitating moving across territories. Based on a pay-as-you-use scheme, its wide-spread expansion and low prices make the units easily reachable for everyone.

The sense of belonging that is traditionally perceived through the interaction and ownership of material possessions is now replaced; both inside and outside the single living unit. Personal configurations of features such as light, temperature and spatial settings can be saved and associated to the user's profile, returning into a familiar space every time the service is used. The cluster of units, forming a bigger collective living space, creates a community and gives the users a sense of belonging to a group of people to interact with.