DUDA Factory

Rome, 2016.

DUDA factory was born as a project with the idea of having simple yet colourful and fun designs printed on plain white t-shirts.

Putting together cartoon-like graphics with more abstract images, DUDA's goal was to follow the trend while giving a unique touch to its products, resulting in an interesting outcome.

DUDA's first collection was a series of white t-shirts, most of them with (fake) printed pockets - as a response to the poorly used addition nowadays brands are selling, most of the time with prices extremely blown-up.


These colourful pockets were, therefore, ironed flat onto the clothing, without actually giving the possibility to use its function - a fake pocket which simply was a splash of colour onto a white canvas.

"In April 2016, three guys from Rome decided to open an online store on which they would have put forward their designs.

Each one expressing their own unique and characteristic style.


DUDA factory has been founded on three essential principles - quality, passion, and style.


Quality, we are committed in making our products above the average, in the choice of materials and

in the attention to detail within our graphics.

Passion, when we elaborate our graphics on computer, rest assured that they are pure translation of

our imagination on screen

We love what we do, and our digital motives will forever be authentic.

Style, everyone needs to be free to express their creative 'me.'

Three different types of art under a single label, in order to offer the most variety possible."

Duda Factory Homepage

April 2016

Space - from idea to pocket


Popcorn - from idea to pocket


DUDA Factory Series I

(credit to M. M. for #1 and acknowledgement to P. S. for #5)


The project has been discontinued in September 2016.