About me

Born in Rome.


Since I was three years old, I have been studying in different international schools where English was used as the primary language.


After graduating from high school in May 2015, I moved to London in order to continue my educational experience - studying architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.


Why architecture?

(In my opinion,) Architecture is what dictates the city's future. It is the result of a limitless combinations of factors and parameters which, depending on each other, influencing each other, have morphed the city's real treasures and skyline.

After successfully completing my Art & Design Foundation year in 2016, I am currently a full-time student working through the first part of RIBA to become an architect. To participate in the ever-changing, through dedication and development, architecture of the world.


Aside from my university duties, my hobbies and passions include graphic design, finding out new tech gadgets, modern art and photography.

My skills include a deep architectural understanding and a great graphical mind.

Analysis of the Pantheon: Light + Geometry


Highlighted projects

Swipe House


EasyLiving: Simplify your life

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