the swipe house

As the 21st century is becoming the era of new technologies and online social media, and nowadays there is this reinforcing of the subtle link between digital and analog, my group and I brainstormed various ideas and concepts which reflected the contemporary digital lifestyle and how the needs for the human being have changed because of the fast technological change in the past few decades.

We went across different iterations of the ‘new century house,’ experimenting with ideas such as opening walls, a form-driven house, an unrolling roof, using walls and frames to subdivide spaces and views inside the structure. As for the final concept, which we later developed in depth, we concentrated on an underground house consisting of a grid of screens. These screens can travel up and down, passing from a public art gallery space overground to touchscreen walls which can be used in several ways - from browsing the internet, to watching a movie, displaying a painting, etc.

The Swipe House includes many modern technological and architectural features which allow it to be considered the house for this and the next century. A future where humans won’t need any of their personal belongings such as their phones and laptops. It will all be integrated in the walls of their houses. 

Moving Screens
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