morphing natural light

Revolving around the concept of natural phenomena, this brief is focused on the qualities and characteristics of natural light and how could we, as architects, use it to create a unique experience with the aid of a structure/mechanism. Throughout the first weeks my group and I have been seriously committed to explore and discover different ways in which light affects and plays with everyday objects.

We shot several short clips showing how natural light (sun light) interacts with particular substances and materials such as water with soap, aluminium foil, and a type of Japanese paper called ‘Kiryu’ or ‘Washi’ which is a type of fibrous paper which filters light in a very distinct way. We also tested with other media and other natural light sources like, for example, attempting to capture moon and star light using a polaroid film but this did not result effective and satisfactory enough to further investigate and develop the video clip which was the required outcome for this brief.

As final result our group produced a one minute clip showcasing a laser-cut MDF structure composed of a series of components which, at a specific time and day of the year (following London’s specific sunpath), will project a light tunnel on the ground. 

Morphing Natural Light
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