Started by studying several different night spaces, varying between nightclubs, festivals, illegal car races, and bars, this brief revolves around the idea of collective activity, specifically during the night hours, around the world.

Collecting information regarding ten different night events, including its main characteristics, its location, the frequenters’ dress code and instructions on how to replicate the same space and environment, I proceeded onto designing five spaces. Each individual space has then been treated as a single floor and made part of a massive tower. Public/private spaces contrast, circulation, and inter-human relations are among the concepts explored and developed throughout the different floors.

The completed tower adds up to nearly 100 unique floors, each 15 with a different elevator design serving a specific function depending on the needs and qualities of the floors they pass through. My elevator design was primarily concerned with temperature (hot and cold space,) and because of the nature of the floors I had to deal with as most of them were somehow related to physical activity and the process of warming up/cooling down before and after any sort of physical exercise.