the nuclear music festival 

This brief was divided into two main parts, mainly concentrating on research and exploration of all sorts of information. The first part was specifically regarding Le Corbusier’s work (the Dom-Ino house and Villa Roche,) from which I, together with my colleagues, extracted three key words in order to then categorise our findings. Material, Composition, and Time are the three aspects we wanted to focus on, looking at the way in which the Villa was built and how did it relate to Le Corbusier’s five points, also findable in the Dom-Ino project.

For the second half of the brief, I investigated on two architectural contrasting spaces, a music festival in Glastonbury and the CERN particle accelerator across the franco-swiss border. What caught my attention was the “life time” of the structures utilised in these two events: while for the first one all of the structures are temporary and built solely for the time the festival happens and are then dismantled immediately after and brought away, the particle accelerator is a permanent structure, located hundreds of metres under ground level and therefore once it is built and used, even if it may be no longer needed in the future, it will remain there.

Our proposal was to recycle the site, keeping the main structure and its materials untouched, organising the spaces with a new order, changing its function and composition, and allowing a clear circulation of people within the space through the time they stayed inside it.